Hernia Recovery

Tips on Hernia Recovery

Having a hernia operation can be difficult by itself, but hernia recovery is also no fun. If you have to undergo hernia surgery, you will want to make certain arrangements to ensure that your time in the hospital goes as smoothly as possible. The same is true for your hernia recovery at home. The more prepared you are for your recovery time, the more you can concentrate on healing and getting better.

The first step in being prepared is to know what to expect before, and during your surgery, as well as what to expect during your hernia recovery time after your surgery. If you know what to expect you can better deal with the situation, as there will be fewer unforeseen circumstances to inhibit the healing process.

If your healthcare provider has not already explained exactly what a hernia is and what is involved with hernia surgery, you will want to do some research so that you understand what is happening with your body.

A hernia will occur when there is a protrusion of the intestines through the abdominal wall; when this happens it can be very painful and sometimes surgery is required to push back the intestinal protrusion, as well as strengthen the area so that there is less of a chance of a reoccurrence.

After having surgery, hernia recover can take approximately 1 to 2 weeks, but this can vary depending on what type of mesh the surgeon used to repair the hernia, as well as what your health condition was prior to having surgery. For the two week recovery period you will not be able to return to work, so ensure you have made all arrangements to have this much time off from your job.

After your surgery you will have some physical limitations until you have fully recovered. You will not want to lift anything heavy, or put strain on the area of the body where the hernia occurred. Putting strain on the area of the body where the hernia occurred increases your risk of having another hernia. Not only will you have to avoid this after surgery and during hernia recovery, but also it is advisable to avoid putting strain on the area by lifting heavy objects even after you have healed.

After you are released from the hospital you will want to spend at least two or three days resting to help speed your hernia recovery. Make sure that you have made arrangements to have someone help you out around the house during this time. Plan ahead by doing all of your grocery shopping and errand running before you go into the hospital so that you have that much less to worry about after your surgery.

Before leaving the hospital you will probably get your care instructions; if you have any worries make sure that you talk with your doctor at that time. Your doctor will instruct you of what you can and cannot do during your hernia recover, as well as any danger signs to watch for.

Some of the complications associated with post hernia recovery from surgery include some difficulty in swallowing, heartburn, as well as possible bloating and discomfort from gas buildup. Of course there are always some risk associated with the anesthesia and major surgery, such as infection, bleeding, or breathing problems. Your doctor will inform you of any risks associated with the surgery before you undergo the operation.

One of the most important elements of a fast hernia recovery is your state of mind; if you know what to expect and have already planned ahead, your recovery time should be restful and stress free. This is very important when recovering from any illness or surgery.